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  Following are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Power Chics and your Power Chics Membership:

    1.  Who are members of Power Chics?
         Power Chics members are High Potential Women who are constantly striving to be more successful in their personal
          and professional lives.

  • Corporate Managers & Executives
  • Small Business Owners & Partners & Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Aspiring PowerChics
     2.  What is the Power Chics Vision?

          A one-of-a-kind community of women, dedicated to making our lives better,
            our relationships more fulfilling, our careers more successful ..........

         Engage, Empower, Encourage ....... Excite!

         all Power Chics while you develop and hone your Power Chic Traits and Perfect Your Success Formula!!

     3.  How can you maximize your involvement and return on investment with Power Chics?
            You get out of Power Chics what you put in
               - Attend a Power Lunch, Power Coffee, or other event
               - Participate in the Forums & Power Chic Conversations
  • Start a discussion
  • Ask a Question           
            Take advantage of info posted on the Members only portion of the website
            Request programs - discussion - white papers - podcasts on specifics topics, business development or personal develop

      4.  Why should you join Power Chics?
  • Being a part of the Power Chics Worldwide Community
  • Relationship development with other Power Chics Members
  • Posting contact and business information on your member profile
  • Access to you and your business information from any member worldwide
  • Networking and business promotion opportunities
  • Professional Development - posted on website
  • Discounts to events and learning opportunities

      5.  When was Power Chics started?

         The first Power Chics event was held May 2010 with an introductory after hours meeting.  Memberships were taken at
         that meeting making Power Chics an official membership based and supported organization. The first Power Chics Power
was held the next month at the Kansas City Cafe and have been held the last Wednesday of every month since. 
         Power Coffees are currently being held weekly in locations around Kansas City.

      6.  What will you learn from participating with Power Chics?
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Career Development

7.  What does it cost to belong to Power Chics?
     You pay an annual membership fee of $147.00 or a monthly membership fee of $15.47 or a quarterly membership
     fee of $42.00.  Members who work for Non-profit organizations pay an annual membership fee of $50.00.

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