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As a Power Chic  .........

You have a style, flair and the right moves:

  • Makes a statement unique to you
  • Has a look, mannerism, a style
  • Is confident, polished
  • Projects a professional Panache
  • Knows which habits to develop and which to break
  • Changes her look, personality and approach for the current audience - customer, colleague, friend, spouse, etc.

You know what to do, how to act, the appropriate reaction or response to any given   situation or encounter

You instinctively read people, situations and expectations

You fit in and stand out on your own terms, knowing you have the tools and resources you need in your arsenal

You make an impact:

  • Are a force in the marketplace
  • Set the standards
  • Know the rules of the game
  • Have the ability to converse with anyone you meet



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