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   Power Chic Traits

 Know Who You Are
 A Little Bit of Attitude
 Always Getting Better
 A Touch of Class
 Tell It Like It Is
 Think Before You Speak
 Originality -                  
        Different & Unique
 Communicate Competence
 Reserved to Extravagant -
        In a Heart Beat
 Aware of Style
        for any situation
 A Tad Theatrical
 Detail Oriented

 The Social Butterfly
 Willing to Lead
 Tell a Great Story
 Drive & Commitment
        Power Chics
is a personal and professional development organization
      for women. It is dedicated to helping "chics" from all professional arenas
      grow and succeed; exchange thoughts and ideas with other business
      women; while providing information, tips, tools and techniques to assist
      each of us in attaining our dreams, goals and desires.

         A one-of-a kind community of women, dedicated to making
           our lives better, our relationships more fulfilling, our careers
           more successful ..........

       Be a Person of Influence
          .......... gain Personal & Professional success traits & characteristics
        unique to Power Chics while developing relationships and making 

              - Positioning Factors - Success Habits
              - Tools to reach the Top of Your Game
              - Success Strategies & Tactics - Systems and Processes
              - Elevate Your Image
              - Fast Track Your Success
              - What you have to have to have it all!!!!
              - Skills to learn - disciplines to be practiced
              - Have all the right moves
       Power Chics is a membership based organization.

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