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Why Power Chics?

Share ideas, information and knowledge!   Intentional approach to improving ourselves while interacting with great women!  There is Power in supporting each other and learning from each other.  Consistent format and high standard publications and members can look forward to quality events where they will be enlightened, motivated and inspired regularly.

           Professional Development ……….
  • Hone Your Skills as a Power Chic
  • Work through understanding of the 24 Power Chic Traits - 12 Power Modules
  • Fabulous speakers and thought provoking discussions – motivation and inspiration from well-known successful Power Chics


         Connection /Relationships …….

  • Great conversations with smart, ambitious Power Chics
  • Like-minded women who would enjoy collaborating and socializing
  • Business Relationships and Connections - Learn who they are and what they do
  • Sense of community online and at local Power Chics events
  • Mentoring - finding a "mentor" but never really knew how to go about it - thought you might like to be a "mentor"

   Support Each Other ……..

  • Develop professionally
  • Grow our businesses
  • Provide introductions & connections
  • Go to resource of information, experience, expertise
  • Forum discussions – Open to sharing successes, struggles and challenges as well as solutions to help each other
  • Community Involvement Opportunities supporting local philanthropies with quarterly activities

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