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We are all Power Chics in our own way - our own style!

Being a Power Chic is about being more Deliberate about Becoming Better at Everything YOU DO & Enjoying IT MORE!

Our goal is to Inspire & Equip every Power Chic to be Everything she wants to be!

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Be the Person You Want to Be - Do It All & Have It All


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Get Your Power Chic On! with . . . .

The 24 Power Chic Traits

Every Power Chic has a bit of each Trait in her, check out which

traits you already own and those you need to develop further.

Essence of a Power Chic

We are all Power Chics in our own way & have our own unique style.

Power Chics is a personal and professional development organization and online community. It is dedicated to helping all women from all professional arenas grow and succeed, exchange thoughts and ideas with other focused women; while providing information, tips, tools and techniques to assist each of us in attaining our dreams and desires.

Power Chics are:

High Potential women who are constantly striving to be more successful in their personal and professional lives.

Power Chics are the ones . . . .

  • Getting things done - Getting Results Passionate about Life and How They Live It

  • Experiencing High Levels of Personal Fulfillment

  • At the Right Places with the Right People for the Right Reasons

  • Not afraid to go after your Dreams - Desires - Intentions

Get Your Power Chic On!

Be Your Best Power Chic

We are all Power Chics in our own way and with our own unique style.

From the day you were born your Power Chic has been in the making. You developed your own personality - your likes and dislikes - strengths and talents - discovered what you were good at, great at or just didn't like at all. Made choices - good, bad, indifferent - hopefully those choices were based on everything you are passionate about in your life.

Being a Power Chic doesn't mean you have to do it all - although that is the very definition of a Power Chic . . . . it means you have the where-with-all to do all you want to do - and how you want to do it. Most of all you don't have to settle - nor choose one path and exclude all others.

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