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Being a Power Chic is about being more Deliberate about Becoming Better at Everything YOU DO & Enjoying IT MORE!


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The 24 Power Chic Traits

Every Power Chic has a bit of each Trait in her, check out which

traits you already own and those you need to develop further.

Essence of a Power Chic

We are all Power Chics in our own way & have our own unique style.

Power Chics is a personal and professional development organization and online community. It is dedicated to helping all women from all professional arenas grow and succeed, exchange thoughts and ideas with other focused women; while providing information, tips, tools and techniques to assist each of us in attaining our dreams and desires.

Power Chics are:

High Potential women who are constantly striving to be more successful in their personal and professional lives.

Power Chics are the ones . . . .

  • Getting things done - Getting Results, Passionate about Life and How They Live It

  • Experiencing High Levels of Personal Fulfillment

  • At the Right Places with the Right People for the Right Reasons

  • Not afraid to go after your Dreams - Desires - Intentions

Get Your Power Chic On!

Be Your Best Power Chic

We are all Power Chics in our own way and with our own unique style.

Being a Power Chic doesn't mean you have to do it all - although that is the very definition of a Power Chic . . . . it means you have the where-with-all to do all you want to do - and how you want to do it. Most of all you don't have to settle - nor choose one path and exclude all others.

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